Is it really all ABOUT ME?

I'm a cool
science geek

Yes I have a Biomedical Science degree but the 'cool' part is that I can actually use that knowledge to speak to people in a way that relates to their needs and inspires action.

I embody health, fitness and wellness (mostly)

Don't worry, I'm not a full on health freak. I live a balanced lifestyle of everything in moderation, with the occasional indulgences. Not only do I know your customer base, I am your customer base.

I've captivated the worlds toughest audience

Ok, perhaps arguable but being a high school science teacher for 15 years means I am (certifiably) qualified to communicate, educate and persuade in a meaningful way.

I'm a world championship

I know how to effectively manage time and dedicate effort to effect peak performance. It also means I aim to inspire through action...just like the words I can write for you!

My 4th grade teacher saw my potential

Yes, I have experience as a feature writer for major magazines, a sub-editor, a content marketer, curriculum developer and web copy writer BUT it is my general passion for prose that makes me shine. My 4th grade teacher, Mrs Moffat saw how my wordplay impacted my peers and published my first book for my class to be captivated in the art of story telling. You can see the impact my words can have for your business too.

What type of health writing do you need?


The right dose of words delivered effectively...

Blog Writing

Boost value, attract potential customers and flex your authority...

Content Writing

Pump up your profile with newsletters, emails and blogs...

Website copy

Nourish your website with words that connect and convert…

Press Releases

Make your news headline worthy with the right injection of info...

Editing and Proofreading

Your sweat and tears turned into preened and polished content...

Case studies and Bio's

Showcasing your business and professional talents tactfully...