Your sweat and tears turned into polished content

Editing and Proofreading

Editing your own work is like sugar to a diabetic – so hard to get the reading right!  

I love words. A lot. Sometimes too much.


I know when it’s right to be superfluous and when it’s better to be brief. Editing really does matter^s if you want ^a your work to clearly and concisely convey your message, whether that be on your webpage, a presentation or a sales letter.

Give me your sugar and I’ll edit it based on what you want to achieve

There is a distinct difference between editing and proofreading.

Editing involves enhancing the readability, flow and structure of text. 

Editing also needs to be based on the audience. A kid’s health website will be edited differently to an Alzheimer’s medical pamphlet.

Proofreading is important. Spelling, punctuation and grammar errors make you look unprofessional. 

The catch? 

It’s hard to find your own errors.

I proofread your work as the safety net to your professional image.

The editing and proofreading process:

  • Send me your work in a WORD document format
  • I will ensure ‘Track Changes’ is activated in the document and begin the editing process
  • I submit the edited document to you with additional suggestions or questions added as ‘Comments’
  • You review the document with ‘Show All Changes’ turned ON and go through and accept or reject changes
  • You address any comments and return for final edit or accept entire document
  • You are overjoyed with the result!

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