Writing that gets your
health clients

So, you're in need of a health writer to:

Whip your words into shape, 

Tone up your copy or

Completely build your body of marketing content, web copy, blog posts, newsletters or customer case studies. 


Is this you?

You’ve got health knowledge but not the time to write

You want concise and convincing content but can’t get the wording right

You’d rather focus on your clients than write your website or blog

What type of health writing do you need?


The right dose of words delivered effectively...

Blog Writing

Boost value, attract potential customers and flex your authority...

Content Writing

Pump up your profile with newsletters, emails and blogs...

Website copy

Nourish your website with words that connect and convert…

Press Releases

Make your news headline worthy with the right injection of info...

Editing and Proofreading

Your sweat and tears turned into preened and polished content...

Case studies and Bio's

Showcasing your business and professional talents tactfully...

I'm a cool
science geek

I convert boring sci-talk to actionable lay people language…

I embody health, fitness and wellness (mostly)

I use insider knowledge. I AM your customer base…

I've captivated the world's toughest audience

15 years of persuading teenagers engrains skills beyond measure…

Kylie McCorquodale Health writer

I'm a world championship

Inspiring through consistent action works for words too…

My 4th grade teacher saw my potential

Captivating audiences through storytelling since I was 8yrs old…